I am so bad at blogging, Sorry. If anyone even read's it....
 Anyway John Powell-- I just hope you get comfortable in hell. oh wait, I don't I hope that you are completely miserable. ugh. I don't understand killing animals, killing people is beyond me. But killing your FAMILY?! I just know Charlie and Braden can be with their Mom-- there is so much more waiting for the three of them. Its so sad, and heartbreaking.

 Okay I am not going to act like I knew or know anything about Tom Brady before tonight. But nowwwww.... I have the biggest crush ever. He is so so sexy!-- watching the super bowl was so much fun but so sad my boy lost. :(


real life.

Well first I want to say that I know I am posting something that really doesn't need to be posted. Maybe im blogging about this to make myself feel better--maybe im just going to get myself in trouble. But what is a blog for really to get out all your feeling's in words, pictures, etc. So whatever-- Im really bothered because I have been hearing rumors ever since I ended my last relationship. And they go like this-- "So I heard you broke up because of your MOM." orrrrr "I heard your Mom MADE you break up." I just want to clarify this... My Mom would NEVER make me break up with somebody. I did not end ANY of my relationships just because my Mom told me too. (or because anyone told me to for that matter.) Why does this get to me so much?-- Because it is about someone I care about and they or he is making up a reason why we broke up to be about someone else. I have only ended relationships because I was either unhappy or felt mistreated. I love my family so much and they have only made me happier and stronger. Like I said I know that this didn't need to be posted......But seriously you guys, stop with it!
On a lighter note....has anyone tried the new Maybelline BABY LIPS chapstick.....because if you haven't you should! It makes your lips so soft! I even think boys should wear it! I sure love soft lips. mmmm. Also I scored 2 million on temple run FINALLY. I am such a nerd when it comes to that game!!! Ohhh and has anyone been to theberry.com? Because its really fun to look at! :)



so im looking/calling around to salons right now. I keep saying that im going to find a job take my test blah blah blah. But guess what, im the worst procrastinator in the world. I am going to get a job/internship at a salon by the end of january people, I miss doing hair! I decided 2012 that I am going to completely focus on myself and what would make me happy rather then what would make everyone else happy. I am so ready to put 2011 away and never ever look back!

"when your happy for no reason, you bring happiness to your outer experiences rather than trying to extract happiness from them. you dont need to manipulate the world around you to try to make yourself happy.

"When I was 5 years old my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to my school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I told them 'happy'. They told me I didn't understand the assignment, I told them they didn't understand life."
--John Lennon.


why not wear a crown of flowers in your hair?

Hi friends....guess what?? brown hair ta-da.

 I still like myself blonde better but wanted a change.
immmm watching along came polly, its such a cute movie and I love Jennifer Aniston, If i were Brad I would have never left her! I got my facebook back and I never blog anymore boo. I need to be better. Uhhhh let's see Logan's birthday is tuesday! I love him and am so grateful for him! I think that's pretty much all!

"its not about what happened in the past, or what you might think will happen in the future. its about the ride. There is no point in going through all this crap, if you are not going to enjoy the ride. And you know what, when you least expect something great might come along. Something better then you ever planned for."
--along came polly.


I knew who I was this morning, but ive changed a few times since then.

ahhhh friend's! I have had the GREATEST week everrrrr. Because I got my car back FINALLY a long 2 months later! seriously....I was going to die. I had NO car because of all my ticket's I couldnt drive my parent's I was kicked off there insurance...KICKED OFF PEOPLE. Yeah does that even happen?! SO It really was a early christmas to finally get it back! ALSO I got
christmas done! ah. im so excited. So thank you Dec. 4- Dec. 9. What am I doing tonight? babysitting and watching elf and I wouldnt want to be doing anything else! I am thinking nyquil and bed I need to get over a cold once and forever.



Remember when you're like:

Aaaaand then everything changes. Maybe thats not such a bad thing!

Rapunzel tell's us one thing about love, climbing the highest tower becomes less difficult if someone at the other end give's you a reason to hold on.

Im so excited for December! Merry December 1st!


sweet tooth.

I HATE WHEN I FORGET ALL MY PASSWORDS.... grrr. Hopefully I do forget my facebook password though cause I never need to be on again. Im starving soooo I wanted to go to Pinterest to look at all the food I should not eat while I sit and eat a gronola bar. The point is I forgot my password and I dont feel like sending it to my email-- changing my password-- Why do I feel like eating frosting and cupcakes and yummy badforyou treats?

always remember---this is a lie.

hope everyone has a good day!


people throw rocks at things that shine.

High friends! guess what? I deleted my facebook. Becaussssse, people are so rude on it. It is like a place to sit and talk about other people, stalk there pictures, compare who is hotter. blah, whatever im over it im comfortable with myself right now and really dont want to look at rude post's/drama about me or anyone else for that matter! Im TRYING to figure out twitter though, so im not lost from all my friends.
I love love love Taylor Swift, aw she was so cute when she won artist of the year! She is such a good girl! I wish I were more like her. And could take back stupid things ive done....hm oh well. just trying to be better day by day!



Right Now:
Listening to Justin Bieber "pray" cover's in my messiest room, its suuuuch a pretty song. I know I should clean because if I dont I will have to allll day tomorrow. I just want to go away to New York with my best friend Ashley and live there and play every night. Im just sick of utah county and now.... we are not even going to have a Nordstrom anymore! Im so mad. But I really should not be. Im so lucky. Ah k im venting. I cant vent because Ashley will make fun of me because she says she hates blogs that talk about your whole life's story, not that im even doing that. I dont even know why im writing. I don't write, I put pictures on my blog. right?