Right Now:
Listening to Justin Bieber "pray" cover's in my messiest room, its suuuuch a pretty song. I know I should clean because if I dont I will have to allll day tomorrow. I just want to go away to New York with my best friend Ashley and live there and play every night. Im just sick of utah county and now.... we are not even going to have a Nordstrom anymore! Im so mad. But I really should not be. Im so lucky. Ah k im venting. I cant vent because Ashley will make fun of me because she says she hates blogs that talk about your whole life's story, not that im even doing that. I dont even know why im writing. I don't write, I put pictures on my blog. right?


  1. haha girl i think you should vent away. its your blog! and plus i love reading people's thoughts!

  2. Amber maybe if I could write as good as youuuu!!! I just start typing and dont stop and now that im reading it I sound dumb. boo. oh well!!!