hello world.

I want to go to disneyland so bad!!! And I just might!
gahh. I swear I should get an award for "PLANETS WORST SLEEPER." seriously I get so side- tracked when the rest of the world is sleeping im up-- looking at pretty pictures and listening to music from taylor swift.-- I must sleep.

Miranda Kerr= Perfection.

everyday has potential of beauty.

I want: Her hair.

happy hair day!

have you seen tangled?!?!!? it is the best-est movie in the universe!!!
not to mention-- im even MORE obsessed with hair than I already was!
p.s. I wouldnt mind wearing this shirt....


to do list....

Things I need to do this week:

1.-- Kiss a dolphin.
2.-- travel the world.
3. --go on a shopping spree.
4.-- take pictures of everything I do. :)
Hope everyone has such an amazing week! Happy monday!


Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves, and of course, each other. If girls dressed for boys, they’d just walk around naked at all times.
Betsey Johnson

free your mind.

Im in love with sundays......so relaxing!
This is what happen's to me when I get in the bath-tub....Nobody believes me, BUT ITS TRUE!
where oh where can I find these shorts.....
and this ring?!?!?! pure love.
4 my sissy bahahahaha.

AHHHHH....all that is on my mind lately is the beach.

must. see. the. ocean.

riiiiiight now. lets go!
p.s. I get married July 30 2011, YAY!!! im so excited! I hope everyone else is too!

forever young.

Hi Love'zzzz. Im so bored, I cant sleep. EVER. But these pictures make me happy, they will probably make you happy too! At least now when I do fall asleep (if i ever fall asleep...) I will have the best-est dreams. yayyyy!

I always ask J to build a fort for me....This is the kind of fort I see in my head.
seriously.....I need this tattoo.
I dont really like skulls....but this one makes me feel like I wish I were a pirate, I think its the glitter....It gets me everytime.
I can not wait untill this mailbox is mine!