the wedding planner.

Sooooooo its hard to plan a wedding....Who knew? I cant make up my mind at all.....Hawaii, California......I finally decided I want to do it at home sweet home. So all my friends can come YAY and for sure my bestest friend Ari and her Baby L. They PROMISED. Anyways I want my wedding to look like the movie 17 again, that back yard....would. be. PERFECT. ....So maybe whoever created that back yard will read my blog and make my backyard into that....Pretty, pretty please? xoxxo. Love.


pretty picture

love them!^^ they are so perfectly perfect together!

just a thought.

did you know I LOVE SeaHorse's because I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also really love unicorn's and dolphin's but im getting ready! buhbye!

I still really miss summer...........

life now.

This is me and my cute sister just hanging out on a warm summer day. okay I guess that is not really life "now" but I sure wish it was! I love her so much!! if anyone ever is rude to her I will beat you up okay. Hhhhow did I get so fortunate to have this beauty brought into my life? I dont know! She is the most amazing girl I love her with every part of me! Thanks for being my most best friend no matter what McKell!
eek its really going to warm up so soon so i can ride around on my beachy cruser every DAY! I love summer, I love my bike! anyone who wants to come along shall come!
Hi Lucky! We took about 30 of these pictures and I know that I look prego and white but somewhere in between the flowers and cheesy text messages valentines left me sick. I still loved every moment! eeeven the part where I had to watch justin eat all my CRAB legs cause I wasnt even hungry....eff. I feel so LUCKY! Justin always knows how to turn my days around. Somehow i've fell in love with my best friend since high school it's so funny how life turns out. So J lets just be best friends forever! Because right now you make my life perfect! I just love you!!!!

But back to summer... the one thing I want more than anything! COME FASTER!!!!!!!!!!

xoxo. B.


sunday love day.

I just found out I have a long lost best friend! Ke$ha because did you know she has already spent a MILLION dollars just on little tiny grains of GLITTER?!?!?! this has to mean we are suppose to be best friends. Maybe I can even get her to change her nasty song lyrics more along the lines of t-swift too!



today--I found myself thinking about how fun it would be to have a little friend all the time...... I guess I realize it cant happen for a while so....... For now it will stay a daydream .

xoxo b.