good day.>bad day.

Okay, so today I got my car back from the shop....I got my new car about a month ago, Its been in the shop since 2 sundays ago....(so I have drove it maybe a week, had it in the shop for 2 weeks. :(...) Anyway's I was sooo excited because its been so very long since ive had a car of my own-- I havent had one all summer!!!
So I go and meet my bestest friend and we go to lunch--go to the mall-- come back to her car-- there is smoke surrounding my car and green stuff leaking out all over!!! I was so mad! But you know today was one of the best days ive had in a long time. Mckell and I were laughing so hard my stomach still hurts, Ashley is about the greatest best friend EVER.
I love my family! I love my best friends. I love that today was a good day.

I have this weird fantasy of someone ( a boy ) making such a cute room for me like this....or a fort with lights and candles....how can I explain this, its weird I know but I would fall in love.



okay so great lengths has these new extentions.... ombre.....
I have never ever wanted anything so bad!
I mean I have never needed something so bad!


sleep easy breezy.

Tonight Im going to bed early, Just going to lay here and watch netflix and listen to Justin Biebers new christmas song.
and not think about....
--smoking is gross....its only sexy in pictures...
orrrr if your an olsen twin.
otherwise, GROSS!



Hello Sunday October 16th 2011. you were sooooooooo not good to me. 17th be better.
I hatttttte bad days.