real life.

Well first I want to say that I know I am posting something that really doesn't need to be posted. Maybe im blogging about this to make myself feel better--maybe im just going to get myself in trouble. But what is a blog for really to get out all your feeling's in words, pictures, etc. So whatever-- Im really bothered because I have been hearing rumors ever since I ended my last relationship. And they go like this-- "So I heard you broke up because of your MOM." orrrrr "I heard your Mom MADE you break up." I just want to clarify this... My Mom would NEVER make me break up with somebody. I did not end ANY of my relationships just because my Mom told me too. (or because anyone told me to for that matter.) Why does this get to me so much?-- Because it is about someone I care about and they or he is making up a reason why we broke up to be about someone else. I have only ended relationships because I was either unhappy or felt mistreated. I love my family so much and they have only made me happier and stronger. Like I said I know that this didn't need to be posted......But seriously you guys, stop with it!
On a lighter note....has anyone tried the new Maybelline BABY LIPS chapstick.....because if you haven't you should! It makes your lips so soft! I even think boys should wear it! I sure love soft lips. mmmm. Also I scored 2 million on temple run FINALLY. I am such a nerd when it comes to that game!!! Ohhh and has anyone been to theberry.com? Because its really fun to look at! :)


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