♥ ....IM ENGAGED!!!!!

AHHHHHHHH!!!! best day of my LIFE!! sooo we went to melting pot in salt lake, then went on a horse ride around temple square and he asked me...so so so cute! i love justin so much and im SO LUCKY he will be mine forever. ive never ever been so happy! lalalove.

now cant stop thinking about things like this....

i love j.


just because.

under the sea!

PINK dolphins!--i want one for myself one day.

seriously the ocean is unreal... all the animals are SO pretty. And i love them all!
the baby sea turtles and dolphins are my favorite though.

wish's & luck.

ser·en·dip·i·ty--good fortune; luck.


let it snow, let it snow, let it snowwww!

well I thoght we were going to have a HUGE blizzard and have to stay inside and hangout and watch movies and find stuff to do because it would be too bad to leave the house but i woke up to this....

sooo blizzard of 2010...you were way intense?

oh well me and my sista just pretended anyways that we would be stuck inside!
we were scared for our lifes cause of the blizzard 2010! but dont worry we survived!
anddddd put up our christmas tree!
andd watched elf! of course!

p.s. thanksgiving is TOMORROW! so happy thanksgiving! yaaaa.


sure wish i could sleep....

NEVER drink this....
cause you will turn into...
and then really late at night you wont sleep.
and then you will have INSOMNIA forever and ever and ever and ever and then you will just die.

gosh....never again will I have a red line.

girly girl.

of course i have this colour it's the cutest ever!!! i lovvve the shreck o.p.i. everyone should get at least one!

too bad my hair is not in this perfect cute pony tale.