don't you know your beautiful.

hello friends, today I watched a movie called "the cove" and cried really hard, Me and Justin donated to http://www.savejapandolphins.org/ you should too. :) I can not believe how they treat the dolphins and kill them just for dolphin meat, which you cant even eat anyway because it has way too much mercury and is so bad for you! it makes me sick how some people have NO hearts.
p.s. never go to seaworld.
I think I should do this to my birds on my neck maybe?
so since im a mermaid, this is my bedroom its on the bottom floor of the ocean if you ever need me, but really I always thought it would be so cool to build a fish tank shower-- and shower surrounded by fish, someday I probably will build that....But no dolphins....unless I saved them from the evil fishermen.
soo...am I the worst bride in the history of the world because I didnt follow up on the "royal wedding" like.... AT ALL?!?! like seriously I would just flip through the magazines if I saw anything about it....I just didnt care, but I did look up what her dress looked like 1st thing this morning!
now I dont like my dress very much, boo.

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