Im so sorry--I know these pictures are way disturbing, But the saddest part is--Its real. :(
The slaughter and kidnapping of Japanese dolphins is a horrid and unnecessary act. The beautiful dolphins are taken from their home in the ocean to live in captivity in small tanks for people to watch. The others are caught and slaughtered to sell to the Japanese people as food disguised as whale meat (another atrocity altogether). … The dolphin meat these people are eating contain large amounts of mercury which is potentially toxic for them but they don’t even know that is what they are eating. This slaughter is essentially being done for no good reason. Who are these people as humans to take and murder these creatures who are smarter, faster, and superior to us in many ways, simply because they have the resources to do so and wish to profit from it? This is one of the horrible ways humans abuse the elegant animals of our planet and it, like all others, needs to be put to an end.Spread the word, and do what you can.

A puppy mill or puppy farm is a large dog breeding facility created to mass produce puppies for profit.

Likened to battery hens, the breeding dogs are kept in cages or pens for their entire life with the sole purpose of producing puppies for the pet shop, internet and overseas markets.

Pet shops require a constant supply of cute, young puppies and individual shops can take more than 20 a week. Multiply that by the number of pet shops found in shopping centres throughout America, China, Australia and other countries and you have the perfect distribution network for an industry producing hundreds of puppies with little concern paid to quality, health or temperament.

In Australia these farms have anything from 20 to 1000 breeding females who are kept constantly pregnant or lactating in order to keep up with demand. The health, behaviour and temperament problems found in puppies from puppy mills are well documented and for each cute, fluffy litter of puppies seen in a pet shop window their mother is likely to be suffering the fate of a puppy mill dog.

Puppies from puppy farms often have severe genetic disorders. They are sometimes impossible to housebreak. They are sometimes impossible to train. They are often aggressive, shy, anti-social and have severe behavioural problems.

Dogs in puppy farms are kept in small cages their entire lives. They breed constantly. They often have filthy living conditions, little to no veterinary care, bare minimum of food, dirty water and never see the sun. They have no interaction with people apart from when they’re put into the cage, and when their puppies are taken out of the cage. When they have exhausted their use as breeding dogs, they are dumped at pounds, on the side of the road, killed or left to starve to death.


  1. You should watch the movie Food Inc. It puts more in perspective too. It makes me never want to eat again.

  2. really, ugh it is so sad what they do to these poor animals, I will watch it sometime this week I heard the cove is a good movie about the dolphins too...