You, have pointed out my flaws again as if I don't already see them.

Hi! I know im obsessed with the Olsen twins, But isnt it a little strange how they can pull off any outfit in the world even if it is ugly? grr.... Anyway, I have been listening to taylor swift allll day. She makes me so happy. I cant wait to post more enegement pictures on here, They turned out so much better than expected. I love them! I couldnt sleep so...

Pretty Pictures For you!

I wish me and my sissy owned these shirts.

Dear Dream, Take me to the beach tonight. Love, Bree.

Watched Dear John 2 nights ago.... didnt realize I would have big puffy eyes at the end of the move.

Cutest. Move. Ever. kinda like the notebook. :) awww.

something to live by:

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