Dear McKell,

I Love you.... My sister has a best friend he is her most favorite person in the world, Paul. He also is my favorite because he makes her so so so happy, and really that is my goal in life--to make mckell happy. SO, to see someone else make her as happy as she is now, just makes me love that somebody--paul! But today she had to say bye to him for 2 years....so here we are watching princess protection program, and im just listening to my sister cry and I cant really say or do anything about it! I love her so much!!! and it makes me so sad! but im so very grateful for missionaries I think that if you go on a mission you lead and live the best life!
so try to be happy mckell....It makes me want to cry when you cry! :(

Happy Wednesday!
"if I can prevent one person today from having the wrong friends, from cutting for the first time, to embarking on a horriable long journey with an eating disorder....If I could just change one life by this message, by saying 'Don't go there', Then im done."
-- Demi Lavato
(on her struggle.)
ummmmm I want to do this!!!! ^^^^^^
and I also want to look out my window and see those stars. :)
Could you even
killing a dolphin.....
what is wrong with people?!

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