im soooo excited for FEBRUARY because.....

1. Obviously everything/everyone is all about love. and what is not to love about that?

2. Red and PINK are the colors of the month and I get to wear them everyday! happy day!
    3. OPI shatter is finally here....coolest nail polish in the entire whole wide world!

    4. SWEET TOOTH'S are allowed!

    5. I get to be with my Love/Bestfriend/Fiance.

    5.I HAVE BiEBER FEVER.........11/11/2011 introduces me to Never Say Never and I CANT EVEN WAIT eeeeek.
    6. I get to see this lovely face everyday. :)
    7. We sit around at hair school all day, eating dove chocolate and reading our fortunes!
    8. Last and most important My family got a baby girlllll...this is my big sister Miranda, she is amazing and now she is the most amazing MOM congrats to Kris and Miranda...I sure love baby Z!

    xoxo B.

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    1. Oh Bree! I love your face.... I just can't believe how blessed I am to have you as a sister! xoxox