just thinking.

well everyone has the deepest darkest blogs....
That is just so not me! I try to think about deep things to write and all I can think of is nothing. I mean, its not that I have never been broken-hearted, or had girls be mean to me, or felt self conscious.
I am not an alien of course those things happen to everyone
....but TODAY I dont really have any heartbreak or anything sad to write about...
I can honestly say I am at my happiest point in life, Getting married to my best-est Friend and love I always knew I had, I GRADUATE--finally! in 4 weeks eeek, I have such and amazing family, and my best friends! I dont know what else to say other than I am such a lucky girl. I really feel karma always catchs up to you. Good or Bad. Not that I will never get bad karma. im sure i will once or twice but today, tonight, and as far as i know im just so happy.
anywho HAPPY FEBRUARY lovers. xoxoxo.

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