I could really use a wish right now.

Tonight I reallllllly really really wish it was summer because I feel like I want to go outside and look at the stars with jay. We used to do that all the time last year and I miss it so bad! Utah needs to get warmer. oh well Im so sleepy Im determined to have the best sleep ever with my dog and my unicorn pillow. nighty night.
"just promise me you'll remember me everytime you look up in the sky and see a star."
this is my unicorn pillow awww! I would get up and take a picture with my real one but im way too tired. anyway I love my unicorn pillow....I have a feeling justin is going to get mad and want to throw it away in like 5 years because I know that it is my new favorite thing ive ever owned.


  1. I want a cool lamp like that that shines stars. If you ever find one let me know! :) I love your blog. It always makes me so Haaaapppppeeeeeeee!

    Love your guts!

  2. aww me too!!!!! lets go find one!!! your blog and yourself makes me so haaaaaapppppppeeeeeeee!!!!!

    love your guts MORE!