every second is a chance to turn your life around.

I have the greatest love/hate relationship with netflix.....only because now that I have netflix it make's me the most lazy person and I might have watched 2 seasons of the hills in 2 days. yeah so lazy..... Anyway today was the best day. I seriously have the best friends and family, im such a lucky girl! ANNNNNNND I really decided today that I want to die my true religon shorts bright pink but im really. really. really. really. nervous to do it. Hopefully they turn out okay. But I don't think I could ever find cute pink shorts anywhere around here at least.... Ive been searching for a while! lalala well anyway.......
ahhh there is seriously nothing in the world im more drawn too than long pretty
(I love her hair too even if it is brown, its still pretty pretty pretty.)
I would kill for this jacket....
and this dress!

"if I wasnt getting along with my best friend, I would not be happy."
--Lauren Conrad.
I wiiiish so so badly that these apartments were in utah so me and J could live in them!
but they are in paris....so I suppose we will just have to move.
Did you know that when someone appears in your dreams,
it's because that person misses you.

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