lets go shopping.

Happy Tuesday....Oh wait jk its 1:13 a.m.....Happy Wednesday!!!!
Why im prancing around the kitchen taking pictures of myself is beyond me.
but....here I posted random pictures for you....weird because I never post random pictures.
this is me right now...at 1:16 in the morning....actually I bet this picture was takin around 12:59 a.m. yeah that sound's better....either way, its still meeee. I wish somebody would play mario par-tay with me!
I hate that I have to "google" everything I spell to make sure I spelled it right.....I need to go to skool.

The thing's I would do to get a hold of this necklace are
M.A.C. new makeup .....Me and my friend Paige call it Mermaid makeup
because it reminds us of mermaids of course!
can I be you???? thankkkkks babe.
Dear friends,
Have I mentioned im in love.....I think I fall more in love every day....I feel so lame like im always writing on justins wall saying dumb cheesy stuff....somebody slap me cause its annoying, even I am annoying myself. so this is my apology to my facebook friends.
asdfkhdskjfhdkjs <<< THATS HOW I FEEL...
there are just no words. I guess that's suppose to be a good sign?
I meet with the girl who is taking my engagement pictures TOMORROW.
so excited everyone.
Love, Bree.

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