t.g.i.f. ?

Day 1 out of hair school and....IM. BORED. I miss all my friends........... wahhhhh.

also I have a Friend/Sister her name is Paige Cage and I told her I would write a blog about her hmmmm. I love Paige Cage for 3 reasons....
1. Peacause she says PEAcause.
2. She thinks she looks like peter pan or some boy everyday, and the boy she thinks she is always changes....but whenever I see her she says things like..."I look like a swedish boy!" or something. And I kind of think its funny! Mostly because she is BEAUTIFUL and anybody would just die to look like her!
3. She ties shoe laces around her ankles.
4. Oh wait 4 is too many....... um... I just LOVE her she is the cutest girl in the world and if I had to recommend just one friend that EVERYONE in the world should be friends with it would HAVE to be PaiGe! I love you sissy!

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