okay so im bored, so what?

Dear, Whoever read's this
i'm so excited for SUMMER. It's really mostly on my mind 100% of the time because I get to be MARRIED to my best-est friend in the WORLD. Im so happy! I'M ALSO excited for snowcones, and shorts, and dresses, and pink lipstick, (im so sad m.a.c. viva la gaga is discontinued.:(...), Im so excited to go to sonic and get slushies with my sister, ride my beachy cruiser, drive with my top off...of my car that is. Summer is just my life. I honestly feel like everyone has a better attitude in summer. Daylight savings please dont tease me and WARM UP!
I miss my best friend ARI. She is prego with baby L and I used to be able to see her evvveryday. I wonder how they have been doing the past 4 day's that I havent seen her. She is so cute. You all should be friends with her. Im such a lucky ducky to be.
Im so bored---Mckell is in Cali, My Mom is asleep, Ari is making cookies and eating the whole bowl of cookie dough...
something I should clearly not be doing, and J is working.....what could I do all by myself? I suppose I should get ready and look for a job. Maybe ill clean my closet, or my car. hmmm.
I think ill just go dance around to Justin Bieber music.
ahhh crap. I kind of want a new tattoo..... :/

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